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Hands Off! Contact Free Touch Free Multi-use Key Door Opener w/ Stylus Keychain | Reduce The Spread | BInfluenced Wellness


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Product Description:

Door Opener Keychain Touch Screen Button Contactless Bottle Opener.

100% brand new and high quality.


Each tool comes with 1 extra rubber touch tip essentially. Also included is a keychain ring.

Product Description: Hands Off! 

Widely used - easily and safely open and close door handles, keyboard buttons, ATMs and elevators, taps, switches, carry bags and shopping carts, etc...Zinc alloy is harder and more durable.

This is a tool for opening doors and pressing elevators.

Also can be used as a phone bracket.

This non-contact key chain door opener is equipped with a rubber touch prompt, which can be used on the touch screen and signature pad, and can prevent scratches on the screen, and avoid public touch screens such as touch shop checkout.

The key chain tool can reduce the contact area by more than 99% and keep hands clean.

Easy to use and carry, easy to connect to the key chain or hang your bag/pocket, the right size, comfortably in your pocket /wallet


Color:Gold, silver, black

Material: Zinc alloy

Size: approx. 80*32*32mm

Note:  Color may differ slightly 

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