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B~Scan Pocket Pro Handheld Thermometer | Connect Directly to Mobile Device | BInfluenced Business Solutions | Flattening The Curve

The reassurance of knowing, the B~Scan Pocket Pro, fits right in your pocket or purse for use anytime, anywhere. Great for mom's, check baby's' and children's' temperature contact-free without waking them. Help Flatten The Curve

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120 Five Layer Mask Filters | Filter Breathing Air and Germs Thru Mask | BInfluenced Wellness

5 Layers PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Face Mask Breathing Insert Protective Mouth Mask Filter | It Is Recommended To Change Face Mask Filters Once a Week | BInfluenced Business Solutions we are here for you.

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Hands Off! Contact Free Touch Free Multi-use Key Door Opener w/ Stylus Keychain | Reduce The Spread | BInfluenced Wellness

Easily and safely open and close door handles, keyboard buttons, ATMs and elevators, taps, switches, carry bags and shopping carts, etc., without touching public surfaces.

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Flatten The Curve BInfluenced Contact Free Touch Free Social Media & Business Tap N' Go Smart Card | BInfluenced Business Solutions

Flatten The Curve. The Binfluenced tap n' go contactless Business Smart Card allows you to maintain your business brand's influence. Share email, phone, and social media profiles with one simple tap. Attach your card to your phone, car, restaurant counter, tables, or bar. FREE for "Get Verified by Binfluenced" listed businesses.