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Product Description: B.I.T. Thermal Facial Recognition Touchless Thermometer


Android temperature measurement and face recognition smart panel machine series products using the LCD display screen with embedded deep learning face recognition algorithm, integrated high-precision thermal imaging temperature measurement chip, ISP image processing technologies in one AI smart access control product.

The product has powerful functions such as face detection, mask detection, face recognition and comparison, body temperature detection, and living body judgment.

It can accurately capture personnel information (such as facial information, identity information, whether to wear a mask, etc.) through the camera's field of view, as well as body surface temperature.

It can effectively help users manage access rights and monitor body temperature status, helping to prevent epidemics.4eda814e574669d7cd99a949025bd1e7.png?ixlib=js-1.0.3

Users can manage access rights offline by loading a face library to the device.

It can also be used with attendance software for employee or student attendance management.

It can be widely used in community access control, barrier passages, office buildings, and other scenarios.  

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  • Wifi-enabled
  • Wiegand Compatible
  • Customize Temperature Range
  • Customizable Logo
  • Customizable Voice Language 
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Switch
  • Broadcast Normal/Abnormal Temperatures
  • Temperature display
  • Time attendance records are sent in real-time
  • Data generated offline is sent every 5 minutes
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